About Canadian Web Developer, Designer and Illustrator Emily Lutz

Illustrated web developer drinking from a pint glass

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, I returned home in 2019 after a decade of exploring Canada and beyond. I'm passionate about art, travel, nature and food and love working with people to highlight their passion.

My varied professional past features one consistency: service. While studying art history and geography at Queen's University, I worked part-time on campus as a receptionist in the Events department and as a switchboard operator for the main university line. After university, I spent a few years serving at the Kingston Brewing Company before moving to Toronto to study massage therapy. I worked at a sports therapy clinic in Toronto after graduation then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I opened my own massage therapy clinic downtown.

I ran Curative Massage as a sole proprietor for over 4 years and loved being part of the local business community. Although I loved my work, massage therapy is difficult to sustain long term. I wanted to find a career where I could continue to help my clients find a better quality of life. Since completing a diploma program in web development and interactive design at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, I have worked with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow their business so it's sustainable for them and they can spend their time doing the work they love.

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